by d_laru

This post is a reply to my very good friend Tomiwa’s blog post (@MizzTej on twitter) “A man’s world?! says who?” (read on http://mythotmyblog.wordpress.com)


Usually, I’m not one to delve into gender issues because its a never-ending topic. Its got its pros and cons, but it depends also on who is arguing. Nonetheless, my criticism to Tomiwa’s post will still be written.



Traditionally, the world as a whole is a patriachal based society, where the male species is seen as the head of the pack in the human race, with the women playing a secondary role. Even biblically, God created women to be a help-meet to man. Note HELP-MEET. She’s supposed to help the man. I don’t know the positions of other religions but the Almighty ordained that women are supposed to be supports to men.


Although there is something called THE GLASS CEILING SYNDROME, that is, the invisible barrier that limits people from achieving certain positions because of sex, race, religion, et.c., some women have attained peak positions in their various fields due to hardwork and dedication. But it is noteworthy that there exists limitations and difficulties. Note unless backs are scratched or libidos quenched (which is commonplace these days).


Every tribe, race and nationality is dominated by the men even though laws equating men with women have been enacted but, that still doesn’t change the prevailing issues.


Some of you ladies would say without women the men wouldn’t exist. I think that the only advantage the women have over men is CHILDBEARING. But you can’t even have kids without we guys shooting our load up your sexual abyss.


Well I wouldn’t blame you for the posts. You must have been gingered by fore-front feminine activists like Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, et.c, but don’t forget even these women face male opposition.


You wanna be doctors, engineers, pilots et.c., fine go ahead be that, but you can’t be fathers, popes and the like.


Just stay the way you are and continue to be the reasons why you were created- supporting pillars to the male building. I’m not being chauvinistic but practical. So…



    “who run the world girls…

     who run the girls, boys…

     so, who run the world…BOYS!!!”