by d_laru

Hey y’all. Thanks for reading the first part of these insanely mad couple. Not many were happy with the ending, so this is the concluding part. Thanks once again to @mollysweety for helping out.



I’m stunned…I can’t believe Carla walked out on me like that…

I gather my wits…and clothes together and try to follow her. I catch up with her just as she’s about to get into a cab…

I hurry back to the house…luckily my keys are still in my pocket…

…I get into the car and follow at a distance…good, she’s heading home


 Yes! I won.. Storming out of his room hurriedly dressing up so I don’t get tempted to go back in..

I got out of the house and flagged down a cab and got in. Giving directions back to my place..
Just as the cab is about to drive off, I see him run out of the house trying to catch up, no not this time..
I had won, I heaved a sigh of relief and closed my eyes.. Yes, I won!


The cab stops in front of her apartment and she alights. I park just behind her car and dash in after her.

…I need answers for her behaviour tonight…and oh yes, imma get those answers…

I meet her just as she’s entering her flat. She doesn’t even pay attention to me. She drops her bag on the bean bag by the door…I try to block her, but she shoves me aside and heads to the kitchen…

…She returns with two tots of tequila, hands me a glass and just stares at me


I thought it was over.. I thought I had won.. But getting down from that cab and seeing him dash in after me, this could only mean one thing..
I’ll be needing a drink.
I drop my bag and head straight to the kitchen.. Poured two shots, he’ll be needing it to..
I hand him the glass without a word., just standing there staring..
This wasn’t gonna be easy..


For what seemed like hours…we just stare at each other…and then with our eyes…we have a conversation…unspoken words that meant a lot to the both of us.

One question escaped my mouth “Why?”

To which she just shrugs…

Then…I pull her close…

…The kiss…



“Why??”.. Damned if I know..
I just wanted to win, I guess..
I just shrugged and then he pulled me close..
… The Kiss …
Inevitable. Fire.,
Senses reeling, I grabbed the back of his head and deepened it..
This could only lead to one place..


Without delay, Carla pulls me to her room…

…The burning desire in her eyes


I wonder about the last hour. If she felt this way, why did she stop.

She tells me to sit on the bed and walks to her CD player and puts in OUR CD.

The voice of Usher in “Nice and slow” diffuses across the room…

…She looks at me, winks and bites her lower lip


Oh well.. I should have known things were gonna play out this way.. I might as well enjoy it..
Who was I kidding?  This was what I wanted! 
Pulling him to the room, I see the desire burning.. The feeling was mutual.
I tell him to sit on the bed and I turn our song on..
Perfect moment, perfect song.
I send him a wink and slowly bite my lip; The signal.
It was about to go down…


We kiss for what looks like forever. I flip Carla to her back. I kiss her forehead…nothing. Then the nape of her neck…a twitch. I trail kisses all the way to her belly button…her back arches a bit…

…I kiss her rose-bush and flick my tongue a bit…a moan…

…I go ahead and work her womanhood. My tongue boring, searching, excavating, digging, seeking the love waters of the vaginal borehole…

…SQUIRT!!! In my face!

“Take me now!!!”, Carla says.


“I’ve got to have you inside me”

Near violence, I shoved him back on the bed, yanked at his jeans. 
“I want to fill you. I want to watch you take me.”

“Hurry”.. My hands were already gripping his hips. 
Oh, to feel like that again, to know he would send me flying again.. 

“I can’t stand it.” I arched up to welcome..
He drove in, in one hard stroke. And froze…


Just as I’m about to thrust…I pause…

…She’s stunned. I look into her eyes. Why would I fight her? Take a look at her…her devilish innocence drives me wild

“I love you Carla”, I say as a teardrop rolls down my eye. She smiles, grabs my phallus and guides it into her. 

If sex was music, this would be the best song we’ve ever listened too

…With every thrust, she says ‘I love you baby’…words laden with tears…we go on…pictures of rushing waterfalls, acres of sunflowers, black and white ballet dancers flood through my mind as we climax together


I was scared he was about to flip the script on me…but instead, with tears in his eyes, he tells me he loves me…

…I am overwhelmed with emotions. i wanted to just connect physically, emotionally and spiritually with this man…

LOVEMAKING was the only way…and love making did we do….ending in a blinding climax

“Don’t ever leave me again..”
This was home.. I don’t care how many fights we’ve had or how many more we’ll still have..
“Don’t ever leave me.”