by d_laru

Hello people, its your boy Laru. Today, I thought I’d try something new, so I got Molade (@mollysweety) to co-blog with me on this one. This is the thoughts of a couple in love and their experience together. Read and leave a comment.


Carla! No one gets me this upset like Carla. Just take a look at her. Filing her already manicured nails and ignoring me like we didn’t just have an argument…third one in 4 days. Just to annoy her, I increase the speed of my car, this upsets her more, but that’s the point…


Here we go again! It’s always the same, after every argument..
We fight, I sulk and file my nails, he feels like I’m ignoring him, and then he does that thing he usually does with the car.
Boy, I really hate it when he does that.
I really don’t know what has him so upset though…


I march into the house with Carla trailing behind. I need a beer! As I crack open a bottle and Carla slaps the bottle out of my hand…it breaks into pieces as it falls to the ground.

I’m about to hit her and then the flood of emotions I feel for this lady rushes in. Carla isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but she’s the Yang to my Yin


Storming into the house, both enraged. He heads straight to the bar, I know he wants to get a beer.

I need a drink too, but we have to clear things up. In anger, I slapped the bottle out of his hand.
It crashed to the floor, shattered into a million tiny pieces..
Then the flare of anger in his eyes, I’d push him to the limit..
His hand raised, as if to strike.. Then he looked into my eyes..
And it all came back to him, I guess..

This is Carla, the one woman for him.. No matter how annoying she could be.. It was Carla.

So instead of hitting me, He drew me closer..


 Those slim shoulders firm up as I draw. Carla close.  She shudders at my touch. I gaze into her eyes. Diamonds! Its always like this. Explosive fights and an even bigger emotional re-alignment. She collapses in my arms. We are in this position for what seems like eternity and then I feel a quiver and a little sound…


.. I hate this feeling of weakness., 
I hate this, I hate him..

He touches my shoulder and I all but melt into his arms.
I feel myself shuddering but it isn’t out of fear..

This isn’t fear, it’s not weakness either.
It’s helplessness, hopelessness..
I’m hopelessly in love with this man. This man who makes me so angry and happy at the same time..

I touch my lips to his, lightly, fleetingly..
That little sound escapes through my lips., fuels his fire..

I hate this man.., oh how I Love this man..


 That sound could only mean one thing…she’s ready. Ready, willing and available. All I wanted was to break this woman off. And yeah, break will I do!

I sweep her off her feet, eyes closed and our tongues doing a remake of the titan wars, we head to the bedroom.

I put her down just by my Super-king-size bed. The illumination from the security light outside casts a glow into the room. From the light in the backdrop, Carla looks like a Madonna!

Without help, she takes off her little red gown and reveals the sexy lacy lingerie I bought her on Valentines…

…I let out my own sound!


.. This could only lead to one thing; Disaster.
And that’s what he was after.
He wouldn’t quit until I’ve been broken, like always.
And he had his ways..
But it was too late now..
The illumination from the security lights cast a warm glow over my body. Without help, I raised my hands taking the red dress with it.
He’s watching, eyes glued to my body.. Clad in only those red undies he got for me..
It had come to this, no turning back now..
I push him down on the bed, slowly taking off his clothes..
This time I’m in charge.
I straddle him, ready…
He’s half out of his mind, 
I lean towards him, exposing the beauties on my chest..
Biting his neck, I whisper into his ears..
And then I get up, pick my dress and walk out the room.
I slammed the door behind me.. It was really too late now..


She pushes me on the bed, takes off my clothes and gets on me…her favourite position. Nibbling my ear, cooing words I never believed existed.

Just like the unexpected…she gets up, grabs her things and storms out of the room.

I try to yell out…but my voice fails me…

…I just look down at my erect member, quivering like an expended arrow.




 .. As she always does.