by d_laru

Umph! I hear voices in my head.


“Jump! Run!! Dance!!!”


What is happening? Am I mad? Who the hell are you? Stop! I’m not listening to you


Why are all these people staring at me? I’m dressed just ok. Why am I fidgeting? I think I should stop acting paranoid and just keep walking.


These are the thoughts going through my head as I walk nervously along Barikisu Iyede street. Beads of sweat trickling down my forehead and cascading down my back too. I take a look at my Timex piece, the time is 2:13pm.


I keep looking back like I’m being followed.Nervously, I keep walking. At first, I move fast, then I slow down and once again, I pick up my pace.


Let me act cool. So, I put my sweaty hands deep into my pocket and that’s when I hear that sound…


…like a million soldiers stomping their feet all at once. At the same time, my shoes feel a lot heavy on my  feet.


My stomach hurts, conversations are going on between my stomach walls and the amino acids…Hunger Pangs! Very excruciating.


I walk pass a boutique and look into the reflective mirrors. I hardly recognize the fellow taring back at me. He looked well dressed but his head looked so big and his eyes bloodshot…RED and leery.


His looks scare me, so I walk off. I’m beginning to feel weary. The hunger is at another level. The world begins to spin. I’m loosing consciousness…


I wake up, its almost 7pm. I got a splitting headache and i still feel hungry. I cant remember how I spent the last 4 hours…its been a blur of pictures and sound…


…but what I can remember is my first time smoking weed!!!