by d_laru

Anyone who knows me would know that Laru is not the type of guy to fall in love…hell love aint my thing. its not like i don’t like the opposite sex, but I don’t think its gotten to the love stage. If you’ve read my LYRICS 5: THE LOVE BUG on Facebook, you’ll understand that even though I dont love, I’m quite the romantic.


So, I say I’m not the loving type yet, I fell in love. I dodged cupids arrows like Jet Li dodging bullets in an action flick, but when I met Pearldrop (my nickname for her), I knew I got hit. It wasn’t love at first sight but I just grew into loving her. I met Pearldrop while I was attending professional exam lectures. She was just there, the smallest n brightest of the babes in my class (which is where the name Pearldrop comes from) and she was soon to be mine. I walked up to her after classes one Saturday afternoon and we got talking. She had a job and I didnt but that didnt come between us. When I asked her out, she thought I was joking but eventually she gave in.


She’ll call me at work, buy me gifts, arrange for me to meet people who’ll get me jobs. She quit her job just before our exams and we went studying together. We’d pass notes in class, take breaks every hour to cuddle and make out. When exams ended, we saw once a week, but made every meeting memorable. The moment I knew I was in love was when i noticed that I woke up every morning thinking bout her. I slept in her shirt which was heavily perfumed till i got it washed. I always looked forward to seeing her.


Cos we were both out of jobs communication was dwindling and we tried to do something bout it…and that’s when i went to Abuja and lost it all. It was Law School graduation and I had a lot of peeps graduating so I decided to go.Pearldrop and I would talk everyday, I gave her updates bout my movements, blah blah blah. A night before my return to Lagos, I ran into a female ex school mate who was going for a party. I called my baby and said “I”m going out with a friend” without specifying the sex of the persona. The next day on my way to Lagos, I sent a text to Pearldrop. Stupidly, I edited the same message and added a few words to it and forgot to clear Pearldrop’s name from the recipients list (for those who use Nokia phones, you should know this) and sent it to Pearldrop. She calls me to tell me she doesn’t understand the message and I tell her the message wasn’t for her and all hell was let loose. She flipped and the words “IT’S OVER” stung my ears. Till I got to Lagos, I was apologizing.


For over a month I kept begging my boo, but she didn’t budge, so I decided to hit town and that’s when I met Oyin. Oyin had the looks of an angel but she was one hell of a FREAK. She would send me nasty, freakish messages bout her being wet…..amyway, I was having a ball and then Pearldrop started giving me attention. little did I know she was about to forgive me. We got talking and she was holding my phone. I excused my self to use the gents, when I returned, Pearldrop’s countenance had changed and he started asking all sorts of questions.


Its been almost 2 years and she hasn’t taken me back. She has a new boyfriend and I have a string of Sarewas and hangers-on but every now and then, I think of my Pearldrop,