by d_laru

The following takes place between 12:00am and 4:00am (cue in 24 beeping soundtrack)…


As I creep stealthily down the murky, dark tunnel, I begin to feel claustrophobic…but I edge on and on. The President is counting on me, the Nigerian citizens are counting on me. The weight of a whole nation (about 150million of them) rests upon my shoulders.


I am Special Agent Ade McLaru of the Triage Special Ops Division of the Secret Service. I’m only called upon when emergencies like this come up and for rare special duties. That is because I’m the best out there. My mission: To turn off the nuclear bomb that former Minister for Defence, Alhaji Ibrahim Dan Musa just activated and bring the culprit to book. This is a one-man operation. I cannot fail.


The tunnel is dark, damp and slimy especially around the edges, making movement a little difficult for me…I trudge on. I get to a fork in the tunnel and consult the rough diagram the insider gave to my team. I take a left and then…


…its a 7-foot fall to the bottom


…I land with a thud, soft but I try not to make a noise. I’m in the room preceeding the infra-red infested space. I’m prepared for this. I bring out my mechanical cat and mice, prep em up and semd them to the infr-red ozone…and wait. A few seconds later, the alarms go off. I’m positive the cameras would pick up the feline and its rodent friends. It would take about 10mins before the alarms can be turned off and reset. I have to be quick.


I dash across the room. I stop in front of the large metal doors leading into the VORTEX. I splash the lime solution on the electronic combination locks. It reveals numbers 1,2,3,4,8,9 as frequently punched, but number 4 looks like it has been punched twice. My brain box kicks into gear…Alhaji Musa’s birthdate 24.3.1948. I punch in the combination 2431948…P.O.P!…the large doors swing open.


A pause.


My breathing heavy…


The room is empty. Completely cleaned out.


The hairs on the back of my neck stand up on edge. Spiderman’s so called spidey senses got nothing on what I’m feeling at the moment.


I swing my arm just in time as it catches the assailant in the jaws. With another quick set of moves, he’s disarmed and unconsious. I bring out the smelly salts from my satchel and hold it up to my prisoner’s nose and he comes alive.


After almost an hour of torture, he reveals that beneath the VORTEX is the nuclear bomb. After extracting my information, I knock him off again.


I set out to look for the opening. For someone trying to hide something, musa was not smart enough to conceal the trap door launcher, albeit I admit it took a while locating it. I get it opened.


The sheer size of the bomb gets me distorted for a few seconds, but suffice it to say a Boeing 747 looks like a bicycle next to an 18-wheeler, thats how big this bomb is.


I set to disarm it. I work feverishly on it in the dark not to give myself out. Just as I’, about to pull the last wire…


I’m blinded by bright lights and a splitting sound ringing in my ears and someone calling out my name.


My mom, standing by the switches of my bedroom…and the bedside alarm still blaring…


“Denrele! Denrele!! Wake up, its almost 6am. Get up so you dont get late for work!”


What tha…so it was all a dream!