by d_laru

Like every other night, I lay on my bed…deep in thought, but sad. My life flashes before me. I get up and walk around my modest home. I call it modest but other people see it otherwise. It’s a 6-bedroom house with all the paraphernalia of a good home. I stand by the window and pull back the curtains, I see the pool and beyond that my cars…4 in all.


If I have all these luxuries, why am I sad? I’m a 35-year old lady, a director in one of the big companies. So you can guess why I’m sad…you guessed right, I’m single. I’m the first in a family of 6 and my younger brothers and sisters are all happily married. I bear some of their problems but I don’t mind.

I’m still lost in the vortex of my mind when I hear a loud knock, more like banging on the door. I look at the time 22:46. Who could be at my door at this time? I look outside again, but I don’t see Musa my gatekeeper. I walk to the door and peep through the peep-hole to see Musa standing by the door.


“What is it?” I demanded.


“Madam, come see something for outside”, he replied.

I open the door and I’m hit by a heavy hand. Musa is pushed to the ground as 3 men, more like boys storm into the room.


“Where are your valuables?” they asked.


One of them grabbed my arm roughly and held me to my feet. I yelled in pain. 


“Be gentle with her. Let’s just take what we want and leave”, another said.


I looked up to see the voice that spoke and saw a handsome face. Not rough like most thugs are, but what you’ll call fresh. I studied him. He was well built, tall but his face was what attracted me to him. I’ve had my share of men, but there was something about this man.


He tore my arm away from his partner’s grip and asked me gently to give up all I had. I obliged them and gave out my jewellery and money. They took any other thing they could lay their hands on. All the while Handsome Face was looking at me and when I faced him, he looked away. If his friends tried to take anything that was very expensive, he told them to drop it. It caused a lot of in fighting, but I guess he was in charge.


When they were done, Handsome walked up to me and said if I could lend him one of my cars. I gave him the keys to my Prado jeep and also slipped him my complimentary card. Why I did that baffles me but I did. Soon after, they leave.


The following day I call in sick and decide to stay at home. I’m not worried about the theft, nothing the insurance companies can’t take care of. Just then my phone rings…


“Are you home?” a voice like honey asks over the line.


“Yes I am. Please who is this?” I reply. The line goes dead.


An hour after, I hear a soft knock on the door. I rise to open the door. Opening it, I see Handsome standing at the door. Without any warning, he grabs me and pushes me against the wall and kisses me. I kiss back with the same intensity…


…my body is on fire


…I ache all over


I pull out his shirt and run my hands over his hairy chest. He kisses the lobe of my ear, my nipples go hard.


“Let’s go to my room” I suggest.


In a flash we are in my room, tearing each other’s clothes off. We kiss…oh those kisses…with intensity so inflammable and so much burning passion. Throwing all caution to the wind, I slip under him and receive his phallus.


We make love. Sweet, passionate love. He grabbed my shoulders while he thrusts. I scream out in excitement and drive my teeth and nails into his back. Boy I can tell you one thing, Handsome is a sex god. As we explore each other’s mouths and make wild love, he digging his manhood into my vaginal abyss, we climax at the same time.


We talked. I got to know why he got into crime. Troy (Handsome’s real name) is a graduate who has struggled to get a job to no avail. I promise to help him get one. He apologizes for his misdeeds of the previous night. He jumps off the bed and gives me some of the items taken including my car keys. I shake my head and told him he can have them.


Taking me by surprise, Troy starts to cry. I take him up in my arms and rock him gently. He looked into my eye and I see something I’ve never seen in the eyes of my previous boyfriends and lovers…something unexplainable. We make love over and over again before he gets up to leave.


It’s been 2 years. Troy is doing great in a new company and here I am fulfilled. Oops! Lest I forget, I’m 4 months pregnant and Troy and I are getting married in 2 weeks…*winks* 


(This piece is dedicated to my friend Jumoke Smat @Smatkoschmann)