by d_laru

This last weekend was very eventful for me. I met a great chick, finished my deadlines for me to have a wonderful weekend. I was also looking forward to meeting my cousins, aunts and uncles at my grandfather’s 50th burial anniversary. But what stood out the most this weekend, was my mum and I being robbed at gun-point on Saturday…

…yeah you heard right…ROBBED!!! and in broad daylight too.


Shit looked like I was a real life character in a poorly directed Nollywood movie. Lemme give you a rundown.


Four guys on Okada blocked our ride, two off ’em came down and one of them drew a pistol (m’believe I didn’t wanna know if irin tutu was real or fake)…first thing that came to mind…I threw my blackberry under the seat and stuck a hand in my pocket. Anyways, the hoodlums made away with my mum’s phones (surprising her with another phone today), her jewellery and our cash. These guys acted cool. It was obvious they were guys who stayed/operated within the area.


When we went to report at the police station, our “protectors” asked if we were sure the criminals had left, the number of guys that attacked and if they had guns before we could be attended too…I was amazed at the manner of questions these people put to us. Instead of getting off their lazy, sorry arses and arrest the area boys till someone coughed, they just…smh!!!


But while all these interrogations were on, and amidst writing our statements, one particular police woman made a statement which made me ponder; she said “This is the reason why police shouldn’t have been taken off the streets”


The statement was in a way very sensible. This is because, since the checkpoints were stopped, crime in Lagos had gone up. Ordinarily, the street where we were robbed had two police checkpoints. I doubt if that incident would have occurred if these policemen were there. The Nigerian Police Force could comprise of questionable personnel, but sometimes, their presence brings some level of sanity to our streets.


Even if we part with a few hundreds of Naira when accosted by the police, I’m still of the opinion that they should be back on the streets. Not necessarily at checkpoints, but more patrol cars should be given to them to make rounds in jurisdictions within their area commands.


A friend said it could be the police themselves sponsoring these criminals for the public to cry out for their presence on the streets, but how true can this statement be?


This is just my opinion on the matter. But I think Policemen are a necessary evil on our streets…

…or what do you think?